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Earn $BNB rewards with $FCF Revenue Sharing Token
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Get passive income with $FCF

$FCF is our Revenue Sharing Token (RST). By holding FCF, you earn passive income – paid in BNB – from both $FCF trade volume and also boosted by the ecosystem fees.

Each buy, sell or transfer of $FCF incurs a 10% transaction tax. 5% (half of the tax) is distributed automatically to $FCF holders.

With every transaction made on FCF PAY, 1/3 of the transaction fee is distributed as BNB dividends, 1/3 is used for buyback and burn (which reduces the total supply of $FCF) and the remaining 1/3 is used to maintain the company and product development.

Everything you'll need to know about $FCF


There’s a 10% transaction fee:

> 5% dividend pool
> 3% marketing tax
> 2% liquidity pool


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How to buy $FCF?

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Buy & hold with a personal wallet

  1. Get a wallet
    Download Metamask or Trustwallet in which you’ll hold the $FCF tokens.
  2. Add $FCF contract
    Add the contract (BSC) to your wallet and DEX.

  3. Buy using a DEX
    Go to Pancakeswap, add the FCF contract and swap tokens ($BNB) for $FCF.
  4. Receive BNB dividends
    You’ll receive BNB dividends in your wallet automatically

Buy & hold on a CEX

  1. Create an account
    Create an account on one of the supported centralized exchanges (CEX) listed below.> Lbank
  2. Buy tokens
    Search for $FCF and buy the tokens

FCF is fully audited by Certik

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