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Join us as we revolutionise the payments industry

The $FCF Revenue sharing token distributes $BNB rewards to holders.

These “dividends” come from both tokenomics taxes and also from our ecosystem, which also lowers the supply and adds buying pressure with buyback and burns.

This makes our ecosystem uniquely sustainable.


Our cutting-edge crypto payment gateway. Already live!

The best way to accept crypto payments.

Ready to use plugins for popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify & Woocommerce
Send crypto invoices or use the custom API
Receive fiat, stablecoins or crypto
Part of FCF Pay fees are distributed to $FCF holders
White Label option available! Use FCF Pay under your own brand.
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FCF Cards

Spend your crypto profits with our prepaid virtual Visa cards.

Embeddable card generation widget built into FCF Pay! Sell cards under your own brand or promote ours for great commissions.

Buy prepaid cards with over 20 stablecoins on multiple blockchains.
Spend online or add your virtual card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay (USA & Canada only)
White Label and co-branded options for crypto projects
Part of FCF Pay fees are distributed to $FCF holders
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FCF Donations

The simplest, most cost-effective way to accept donations in cryptocurrencies.

Our Donation Widget makes it easy.

Create your widget, embed, done!
Extra exposure on
Send donated funds to your bank account as fiat.
No set-up or subscription fees. Low transaction fee.
More about the


Empowering NFT art collectors with the hand drawn FrenchFellas

Collect and breed them all.

NFT collection of 2,000 unique French bulldogs with different attributes and rarities
High demand and low supply makes trading very attractive
NFT Battleground – Wager and earn with your NFT
Resale royalties distributed to $FCF holders
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Everything you'll need to know about $FCF


There’s a 10% transaction fee:

> 5% dividend pool
> 3% marketing tax
> 2% liquidity pool


Token price

Dividend Estimator

How to buy $FCF?

Buy & hold with a personal wallet

  1. Get a wallet
    Download Metamask or Trustwallet in which you’ll hold the $FCF tokens.
  2. Add $FCF contract
    Add the contract (BSC) to your wallet and DEX.

  3. Buy using a DEX
    Go to Pancakeswap, add the FCF contract and swap tokens ($BNB) for $FCF.
  4. Receive BNB dividends
    You’ll receive BNB dividends in your wallet automatically

Buy & hold on a CEX

  1. Create an account
    Create an account on one of the supported centralized exchanges (CEX) listed below.

    > Lbank
    > Hotbit

  2. Buy tokens
    Search for $FCF and buy the tokens